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Welcome To Lineage2Media High Five / Freya Server.
We hope you will have a good time! Here is some quick info to start:
Glittering Medals can be obtained by winning at TVT Event and other Special Events. Also DARTH Monsters Drop special chests that have the chance to give you 1, 2 or 3,4 Glittering Medals. Also there is a chance to drop mouse coins.
Mouse Coins can be obtained by participating and winning at TVT EVENT or by Killing Certain Raid Bosses or by simply killing darth mobs.
Server Rates  Rate XP/SP: 700; Adena Drop Rate : 1000 ; Enchant Rate: 66%; Safe Enchant: 3; Retail Like; Drop Rate: 8; Quest Drop Rate: 1; Spoil: 25; Manor: 25;
Darth Mobs  Every monster of level 80+ can become a "darth" mob with ~10% chance to become one. A Darth mob is a normal mob with increased stats. THe stats depend on the original mobs stats. The weaker the mob it becomes darth, the weaker the darth. Darths drop High Quality Battle Chests (glittering medals)
Subclass and Nobless To make a subclass, just go to any grandmaster and choose the option "add subclass". No quest required. When you subclass reaches lvl 75, buy the quest item, at item shop, Caradine`s Letter, and go to Nobless Maker Caradine, to aquire nobless status. No quest reuired.
Attribute Stones Hunting Areas Guide There are many zones that drop attribute stones, crystals (energy compression stones), jewels and energy. Attribute stones can be aquired in Island of Prayer or Hellbound Areas (Battered Lands and others). You should go there for getting level 4 attributes on weapons and armor.Attribute Energy Compression Stones (and Crystals) can be aquired in new zones such as Fields of Silence . You should go there AFTER you have lvl 4 attributes. Attribute Jewels can be aquired in Gians Cave. You should go there after you have lvl 6+ attributes

Crypts of Disgrace is an area ideal for hunting on subclass, mobs are level 7x and drop lots of knight epaulettes, wich can be used to purchase many items, including giant codex and mastery giant codex at any suspicious merchant, near fortresses.<br>
Increased Quest Rewards and New Quests War with the ketra orcs quest has new rewards such as attribute crystals, jewels and Energy stones. For details about the quest read more on the forum (no need to complete level 5 varka alliance, you have the quest item at gm shop).Guardians of the Holy Grail quest rewards have increased 15 times. Read more on forum.
TVT Participation made easy You can summon the TVT Manager anytime and anywhere by using the item Event-Crystal Cube, that can be aquired at ITEMS SHOP/Consumables section. Just double click, and the manager shall be summoned, and you can sign up with ease!Offline Shops added You can setup a store to buy/sell items, or any private creation store, close the game, and your character will stay in game as store.
Banking System Available You can deposit your adena in forms of GoldBars and withdraw when needed. Type:  .deposit to transform 500 000 000 adena in 1 goldbar. Type: .withdraw to transform 500 000 000 adena from 1 Goldbar
PVP Armors/Weapons Upgrade Normal Vesper armors and weapons can be upgraded to PVP Status at Rapidus(aden),Shadai/Ishuma (giran), maintaining their enchant level/elemental status.
Soul Crystals lvl 16/15/14/13/12/11added at special shop. Master Ishuma adds/removes special ability for weapons up to S84 included. You can add or change special ability of a weapon with them. Also, you can farm them in epilogue areas.
Vesper Armor Upgrade Normal Vesper armors can also be upgraded at master Ishuma using vesper nobless enhance stones, wich also drop in epilogue zones.
*We want to keep the server balanced, that means No custom items, No custom skills. Enter on our forum to see the daily updates.


1. Download Lineage 2 Media LINDVIOR Client
2. Start Game with Lineage2Media LINDVIOR Updater.exe wich is in the main folder where you unpacked the client
(or use the above premium updater )
3. When Updater finished, press START button

Alternative Download Links:
1. Download client from FTP : Click Here
2. Download client from Torrent : Click Here

DOWNLOAD GUIDE with Images - Click Here


3 years + on going , STABLE economy, NO WIPE EVER!
Tauti Weapons added, Ixion Armors/Cloaks Added and more Unique Content!
Goddess of Destruction Weapons, Armors, Cloaks, Hairstyles added and more!
All Hi5 Skills / Hi5 WEAPONS working, Blessed Zaken, New Cloaks: Zaken, Freya, Frintezza and more...
► All Freya Items, Weapons, Armors, Zones, Skills Working! More on Forum

CLAN AIRSHIPS, Territory Wars, level 11 clans, skills, squad skills, JET BIKE) ► Players in Game Actions Change the World of Lineage 2 - UNIQUE
New Pets Added: Baby Rudolph, Dienonychus, Guardian Strider, Toy Knight, Lion,Jet Bike,Valentine pets &More


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