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Grand Crusade is here!


Ability Skills Added

Grand Crusade


No Wipes, No Customs!

About Lineage 2 Ertheia Free Private Server

Lineage2Ertheia is a FREE High Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running Grand Crusade Update. This server took 3 years of development, all the game mechanics and formulas are results of countless tests and thousands of hours spent making it, it is the only private server with retail like Goddess of Destruction game mechanics, that offers to our players a unique gaming environmnet, access to all in game content without exception, exceptionally good working class skills, class mechanics, game mechanics overall and NO Pay2Win Donations. Everything in game can be obtained without donations.

We are developing our own server core and content, everything on this server is unique, and our team is constantly working on development, constant updates, two different antibot and anticheat system, updated geodata, offering our players the Best Lineage 2 Experience. Also there is No Wipe Ever, everything in game can be aquired with no exceptions by simply playing. Do not try to play here using bots, at log in bot users get banned. You can acces our Test Lab on our forum

Installing Guide Video Lineage 2 Ertheia

This is a small video guide on how to install the game and play on this server.

New Game Update Ver. 5.2 Launched!

Use Updater Lineage2Ertheia.exe to update to game version 5.0! Attention: This is needed in order to be able to log in, new anti-bot engine added!

New Abilities Added and Max Level Increased to 111!

New Abilities Skills and Panel was added, and max level was increased to level 110, New Farm zones: Embryo Fortress, Messaiah Kain added, New Special Abilities added to Weapons Also!

New Shields Added!

New Shield Appearances added from Page Salvation update to the server. Enjoy!

New Gun Weapon Appearances Added!

New Gun Type Weapon Appearances added from Page Salvation update to the server. Enjoy!

Castle of Etis is Here!

The Castle of Etis was added to the server, enjoy and prepare for the upcoming battle!

New HELIOS Skills and Skill Changes Added!

All new Helios skills and skill changes were added to the game!

New Armors - Grand Crusade!

The newest Grand Crusade Armor Suits have been added to shops in game, make sure you check them out, they drop at raid drops also.

Helios Part 1 Update Added!

Explorer the new zones of Helios, renewed hounting grounds, the floating fortress above Giran, Helios raid, new armors and items await you !

All Cloaks Helios -new and old- on Lineage2Ertheia

All the new Faction Cloaks, Dragon Cloaks added in post Helios added to server, and all the special cloaks in Lineage 2 video. All the cloaks can be bought on the server. Adenian Tattoo and Transparent armor


New Radiant Brooches and Reflect Shirts Added!

Tanzanite, Amethyst, Garnet are just a few of the newly added jewels.As powerful as they are beautiful, these are no mere trinkets. Completely customizable by their wearer, the Brooches are made to fit the needs of each individual adventurer. 14 different types of jewels can be slotted into the Brooches; each possessing its own passive and active skills. The mystical La Vie en Rose Brooches are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out!
See the entire list of brooches Click Here

Two new shirts were also added, Reflect Shirts,click Here to learn more

New Helios Update Armor Appearances added!

New armor appearances from Helios Update were added to our server. Enjoy!

Free Epic Jewels, Armor sets and weapons For new players!

Starting today all new players get epic jewels set and high enchanted items and weapons at character creation!

Dragon Armors Added!

The latest Dragon Armors from korean Infinite Odyssey Part 2 Hymn of Soul were added to the server Enjoy!.

New Armors and Cloaks added to server

From Infinite Odissey Part 2: Hymn of Soul, new armors have been added to server, such as: Lindvior Armor, Royal and Zubei Soul Armor, and also some fun appearance armors such as Pirate Captain and Crew outfit, Musketeer Outfit, along with Soul Cloaks for each class, or Dragon Cloaks, enjoy the small preview bellow:

New Armors and Cloaks added to server


Raid Armors: tauti, kelbim and freya added

From Infinite Odissey Part 2: Hymn of Soul new armors have been added: Tauti armor, Kelbim Armor and Freya Armor.

Tauti Armor, Freya Armor and Kelbim Armor appearances added


Hidden Ability Skills Added

Hidden Ability skill activation functions have been added to the ‘Noble Guidance’, ‘Noble Eagle Eye’, and ‘Noble Vision’ ability effects, we are the only private server with these functions added off-like.

The Hidden Skills are acquired depending on the class type, and the following are the skill effects. Ertheia Eviscerator will receive the Tyrr Warrior hidden skill Blockade. Ertheia Sayha’s Seer will receive the Feoh Wizard hidden skill Brilliant Magic.

We are the only Private Server with off-like Ertheia God Mechanics

Adenian Tattoo And Transparent Armor Added

Adenian Tattoo: Wings, Adenian Tattoo: Tribal and Adenian Tattoo: Evil were added to the shops, as well a Transparent armor appearance, wich makes the current armor transparent if used, and so the underwear can be seen, or the Tattoo the player uses, as you can see on the video bellow:

Adenian Tattoo and Transparent armor


Shadow Weapons added

The Newest Shadow Weapons from the latest Korean Lineage 2 update were added with off like stats and bonuses, special visual effect and also a new armor appearance from Infinite Odissey can now be used by our players, Enjoy!

Shadow Weapons Korean Patch Notes

The Shadow Weapons were first shown in koraen servers in 2015, at the end of Infinite Odissey, their stats are confirmed, you can also visit the website and see the new weapons Picture Art by clicking Here

Shadow Weapons Video

The new Shadow Weapons from the latest Korean Lineage 2 Update - Infinite Odissey were added to our server, for our players to enjoy! Here is a little preview.

Lineage2Ertheia Shadow Weapons - See Video

These items can be purchased in game in the shops.

Free Epic Jewels Set for all new players!

Starting today all new players get epic jewels set and high enchanted items and weapons at character creation!

Install the game with 1 click

You can install the game by simply downloading our Lineage 2 Ertheia Installer (5MB) and starting it. It will download the entire game, and all you have to do after is press Start button to start playin. See bellow our Video guide.

Video Guide - Game Installer Lineage 2 Ertheia

This 1 click Installer makes the entire process of installing the game as easy as possible

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Here you will find Unique OFF-Like game play mechanics, you won`t find anywhere else: Mesmerizing System, New Stats bonuses OFF -Like for str/dex/int/con/wit/int/luc/cha, New accuracy / evasion relation formulas updated to ertheia, All new ertheia skill classes working off like: spallation, gravity barrier, heavy punch and more, Debuff land rate dependency on wit and much more off-like gameplay features you won't find anywhere else .

This makes it possible for each class to fulfill it's true role in the game.

The History of Ertheia

The Ertheia were created when Sahya, youngest son of Einhasad, imbued their forms with the essence of the wind. The Ertheia were free souls, full of curiosity and always on the move, just like the wind. They were so beautiful that Einhasad wanted to keep them in Magmeld, but Sayha's pleas freed them.

Instances and Raid Boss

All the instances and Raid Bosses are working, and have special drops. The likes of Lindvior, Tauti, Octavis, Istina, Earthworm, Teredor, Valakas, Antharas are all at top level, and easily accesible for all clans and parties to try their luck in defeating them, and obtaining great rewards

Vote for the server

Vote for the server if you like playing here, this will help the server grow.
Never give out your account details, or passwords to no one, do not write your password or account details down on any website!

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