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About Lineage2Ertheia

Welcome to Lineage2Ertheia, the Ultimate Lineage 2 High Rate Server with the latest "Master Class Ch. 3" content, High Rate XP leveling, Events, Optional Quests, Crafting and retail like Goddess of Destruction game mechanics! From the all-new class skills, locations and items to epic Raids and Siege Wars, there's always something new and exciting to discover. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, Lineage2Ertheia has something for everyone in this exciting new world of adventure. Join us today and experience the thrill of battle like never before in an unforgettable journey!

Lineage2Ertheia has undergone constant development for the past 9 years, including regular bug fixes, optimizations and enhancements. As a result, the game is consistently updated and offers a no-wipe policy, providing all players with an equal opportunity to succeed. Our Antibot system enforces this by banning offenders at login, ensuring a fair and enjoyable game experience for all players. Every item can be obtained through playing the game, without any pay to win exclusives or paywalls. By playing on this server, you Agree to the Server Rules and commit to create a positive and enjoyable community for all.

New Update v.10.8 Season 10

New Season 10 Update launched, after 9 yeras of Lineage2Ertheia, a truly epic update, new and unique items, a new zone: Conquest Town, diversified armors and weapons, safe upgrade system, new epics and much more content! Click here to read the Patch Notes.

Events Update

The following events were updated: Team vs Team, Last Hero, Hide and Seek. New rewards added, increased quantity and chance to get special items. For more details click here.

New Death Knight update Content

New Content

New Hunting Zones, Rewards, Items - read the patch notes here!!

Free Epic Jewels, Armor and Weapons For new players!

All new players get epic jewels set and high enchanted items and weapons at character creation!
New Content All new players start with unique enchanted armor sets, weapons, and epic accessories, brooch jewels and various items, to ease their hunting and facilitate their journey in the world of Lineage2Ertheia.

Lineage 2 Lore - The Mtyh

Read the legend of Lineage 2: "He drew a deep breath, inhaled the smoke, and let it out slowly. Most of his face was hidden under a thick, old hood, and behind him there was only pitch darkness. In the dim glow of the pipe it was impossible to see his features... Continue Reading