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Welcome to Lineage2Media Private Server running
Ertheia Goddess of Destruction update , Free and Unique in every way. Our team constantly works on developing the greatest game atmosphere, class balance to offer our players the best Lineage 2 Experience. No Wipes, stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance possible. Lineage2Media has 6 years in function now since it was launched, we have a NO wipe ever policy. This NEW GOD Ertheia server was launched this year, featured chronicle is: Goddess of Destruction: LINDVIOR
This is the only private server with formulas and game mechanics that brings players the best lineage 2 gameplay.

About the server...


1. Download Lineage 2 Media Ertheia Setup
2. Unpack files and Install the game with Setup Lineage2Media Ertheia.exe. Start the game from desktop shortcut or updater.

Alternative Download Link (might be FASTER download):
1. Download FULL GAME WITH INSTALLER (recommended) from Torrent : Click Here

--Or you can download our updater if you allready have Ertheia client. Press Full check. Click here

--Manually download our Patch . Click here


Server Rates : ULTRA HIGH RATE!
► XP 5000 x SP 5000 Enchant Chance: variable
► Drop
: 1x ►ADENA DROP : 5000
► Safe enchant: 3 Max 25 
► Unique Drop System - World System / Currency
► Community Board with Special Item Shop, Special Buffer (including Harmony, Melody buffs and all new God Buffs), Teleport, Guides and more, all in game

Disclaimer - User Agreement : By playing on this server YOU AGREE To the following Rules and Agreement: Click here to read rules and user agreement.


Server Updated TO Ertheia The Dimensional Strangers
►Lindvior Dragon Armors Added (infinite odissey 2 )

►Lindvior Update added!
New Classes New Skills New Hunt Zones - Gainak, Land of Chaos, Raider`s Crossroad,, Altar of Sacrifice and more!
New Dragon Weapons , Octaivs Istina Teredor Earthwirm Balok Fortuna and more instances added
►New GOD attribute system
Antibot Added, 100% functional
New GeoData purchased, retail like GOD TAUTI

Bloody/Dark armors added, with skills
and much more updates, read more on forum.


Server Updated TO Ertheia The Dimensional Strangers
> Skill fixes, geodata , new antibot added
> Chaos Festival added
> Alchemy, Compound added
> Ability system added

> FREE EPICS at Faeron Village event manager
> All new characters start with HIGH ENCHANTED R GRADE FULL GEAR!

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Lineage 2 private server

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